A downloadable game for Windows

4EDGES is a local multiplayer game.

In this game you have 4 tries to kill your opponent, but whats that? The game glitched up and you have to control them at the same time and not even the controls work on each stickfigure the same.

Each Player controls 4 stickfigures at the same time and has to beat all 4 opponents. You move each stickfigure with the same keys, but each figure reacts differently. You can Jump to reach "higher" opponents, you can duck to avoid hits and you can run left and right. It is possible to kill sticks on the floors left and right of you, but you can even kill yourself, so beware.

good luck and have fun.


W A S D - move Red

Space - attack Red

Arrow keys - move Blue

Control key right - attack Blue


  • Peter Göllner
  • Hubert Scharfetter
  • Konrad Kleeberger
  • Sebastian Huber

Install instructions

Just open the 4Edges.exe file


4Edges.zip 13 MB

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